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What is pain?

Pain is really a reaction to signals transmitted throughout your body, a complex interaction of body tissues, nerves, chemicals, the spinal cord, and the brain. Pain is really just a symptom of something bad going on within your body. At Pain Management Associates, we work to find the cause and fix it. If we cannot fix the problem, then we will offer you or your loved one the best relief for pain in the Fort Wayne area. Pain causes stress in family life, relationships, and in the workplace. At times, pain can lead to hopelessness, depression, anxiety, and frustration. Doctors G. David Bojrab has brought new techniques and advanced technologies for the relief of those afflicted with complex pain problems in Fort Wayne and the Northeast Indiana area. For a detailed description on some of the types of pain we treat, please use the links on the right.

Major Types of Pain

Acute Pain

Acute pain is usually short in duration and most commonly results from an injury, surgical procedures, or during an urgent medical problem (like appendicitis). Talk to your personal physician for options for the treatment of acute pain. Usually, aggressive use of strong pain medicines and/or nerve blocking techniques are effective. Be sure to talk to a physician as soon as you feel acute pain, because if left untreated, acute pain has a chance of becoming chronic.

Chronic Pain

Pain that persists greater than six months is called chronic pain. This pain may be a result of scar tissue, strained muscles, or hyperactive nerves to name a few. Examples of chronic pain include back and neck pain, extremity pain in arms and legs, chest or abdominal pain to name a few. Chronic pain is also associated with arthritis, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, or spinal cord injury. If you are experiencing chronic pain, speak with your personal physician to see if the procedures we offer at Pain Management would be beneficial.

Cancer Pain

Cancer pain may originate from invasion or destruction of body tissues and irritation of nerves. Often times, a tumor will grow to a size where it interferes with nerves and bones which creates pain. While most patients do well with medication and treatment directed by their personal doctor or cancer physician, some patients need more aggressive techniques like the ones we offer here at Pain Management Associates. All people with cancer pain should discuss effective pain control with their physician.

Work-related Injuries

Often people are injured on the job or through no fault of their own. Pain Management Associates looks to find the cause of the problem using the latest diagnostic techniques. A treatment plan is formed and restoration of health and improvement of pain are the goals. The consultants at Pain Management Associates can work with patients and health care administrators to get you back on your feet as soon as possible. We offer techniques and treatments that may not be available in other health care avenues.